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So Elisha
When you wrote this song
I was like, man, this is good
When the Lord gave you this song
I was like, wow God
You are talking to a host of people

See many have tried to run away and hide
But You left a seed of righteousness in them
And all we have to do is water it with the Word

So, Elisha, I've got something to say
He sees you
Out there on your knees crying daily
Asking, what we gon' do about my baby
He's sick, he's gone, he's running all the way
But don't you understand
This is your day
It's time to pray

Come on
Don't, don't even hesitate
It's kinda bad
Everybody out there
They doin' they own thang
But chaos is all in our land
But Jesus still got the whole world in His hands
And He will use this
To wake all of His children up
So get yourself together, come on
And lace your boots up

Let's go
It's time to come home
Some of y'all been out there runnin' for too long
You know what you're feelin'
You know it's hard for you to sleep at night
Because the Lord's knocking at your door
It's time to come back

Elisha, let's go